Nayeon's Wake up Alarm

So here's Nayeon wake up alarm

credits to : 케이팝

Tzuyu's let's go to the mart.

So basically everybody knows what Mateu Kaja is but I decided to show you so you can Imagine it perfectly :))

credits to : Twice Funny Clip 2015

Jung Hana Ringtone reference

I love Love Rain, One of my favorite Kdrama, So I decided to put this as a ringtone reference in my fanfic

heres the full audio for you

credits to: Jacky

My J reference

My J Reference

This is one of my favorite SNSD songs. This is a fancam of centralccw
I kinda miss Jessica with SNSD everytime I hear this on my playlist.

credits : centralccw

Be normal reference

Around 9:23

hyun kichi

Chapter 5

Under the eyes and cameras of the crowd, Mina entered Tzuyu's car.
"Why did you run? What happened to you?" Tzuyu asked.
"Umm my stomach did not feel good, so I ran to the bathroom as fast as i can after that many fans saw me so I hide" Mina lied to Tzuyu.
She cannot say that Nayeon's revelation made her heart feel uncomfortable
"How did you know that?" Mina asked.
"Ummm I followed you because I'm worried" Tzuyu replied "PD-nim will scold me if something bad happened"
"What's that?" Tzuyu asked what thing Mina's holding.
"It's a pen and an album from a fan, she saw and asked for my autograph, I was about to return it to her but then the crowd saw me and I lost her" Mina explained.
"Look if there's a contact number so you can return it" Tzuyu said "and be prepared to explain to PD-nim what happened today... You gave me a lot of headache"
"Yes, and I'm sorry for running away unnie... by the way, where is Nayeon?" Mina apologized and asked
"I told her to go to the dormitory to see if you went home, I told her not to go to a place crowded but she didn't listen" Tzuyu replied.
"No! Unnie, It was me who suggested to go here" Mina explained.
"I still told her not to go so she's at fault too, don't worry, I told her she can stay tonight at the dorm" Tzuyu said

"Thanks a lot, unnie" then Mina finally looked at the album and noticed that she's holding a separate small paper.
Contact Number: +82 XX XXXX YYYY

"Oh, luckily she have her calling card in the album... hmmm this number seems familiar"
"Does she have a business? It seems familiar but I can't remember where did i see this"
"Anyway, she seems like a pretty nice girl"

Mina tried to think where she saw Chaeyoung's number but she can't remember where, Mina arrived at the dorm but instead of letting her rest she was bombarded by questions of the other members.

"Mina! Are you okay now? Is it the time of the month for you? Did someone hurt you?"  The other members asked.
"No!!, It's just maybe stomach got a little grumpy" Mina was embarassed by that sudden question of Jeongyeon then she remembered Nayeon "Where is Nayeon?"

"I think she's sleeping in your room. She's so worried about you" Jihyo replied

Mina hurriedly went to her room just to see Nayeon sleeping but you can see that she cried, Mina fixed the blanket and she patted Nayeon's head and said:

"I'm already okay, Sweet dreams"

But after fixing Nayeon's blanket she was about to go out then she remembered that this was her room.

Mina's mind was in turmoil, she didn't know what to do, If it was before she can sleep with Nayeon but after what happened today she felt like her heart was burning with embarassment and something that she can't explain.

"Why is it like this?" 
"Be normal"  Mina told her heart.
"Be normal" Mina mumbled.
"Please" Mina held her own hand in the front of her chest.

Nayeon woke up because of Mina's noise
"Oh Mina! You're here! Are you okay? I heard you saying "Be normal". "

"Waaaah! You scared me!Mina was startled by Nayeon then hurriedly said "Don't mind it. It's nothing"

"Are you sure? You're not sick right?" Nayeon asked while checking Mina's temperature with her hand "What's the problem? You won't keep a secret to your bestfriend right?"

"It's really nothing Nayeon. It's just I'm tired when the crowd followed me while I tried my best to hide" Mina replied.

"I'm sorry, Tzuyu unnie told me not to bring you to a crowded place but I ignored it" Nayeon apologized

"It's okay,.Did you have your dinner?" Mina asked.

"No, I didn't. I'm so tired so I went to your bed as soon as I got here" Nayeon replied.

"Okay, Let's eat" then Mina and Nayeon went to the dining room to eat with the other girls.
after eating the girls talked and watched TV

"Sleeping time woooo!" Momo shouted.

"Ya, why are you so excited? will something happen? Jihyo asked.

"Nothing~" Momo replied.

The girls dorm actually have 3 bedrooms at first Tzuyu is the one who sleeps on the single bedroom but later on Mina insisted that she wants the single room because she Jihyo sleeptalks a lot and she got scared.

So their bedroom assignments were: Jeongyeon&Momo, Jihyo & Tzuyu and Mina

Mina's room

"Who's gonna wash up first? You or Me?" Mina shyly asked.

"Let's go together" Nayeon joked.

"!!!" Mina was surprised then Nayeon hurriedly said.  "Just kidding, I'll go first"

"Okay" Mina sighed.

Nayeon went to the bathroom.

Mina's bedroom has a shower, tub and toilet. She can see Nayeon's silhoutte in the shower.
She can also hear the sound of the water dripping.

"Control your emotions, Mina, Control" Mina thought to herself.

Time passed as Mina is playing SuperStar JYP to control her emotions.
She didn't notice Nayeon is already finished washing up.

"Mina, It's your turn" Nayeon spoke.

Mina looked back and she saw Nayeon combing her hair.
Mina's brain is getting fuzzy because of Nayeon's white skin and messy wet hair

"Ya, Do you hear me?" Nayeon asked.

"Um.. Oh, Yes, It's just I remembered something" Mina replied while going into the bathroom.

 "Mina's getting weirder and weirder these days" Nayeon mumbled.

Chapter 4

Nayeon's Car on their way to somewhere
 The atmosphere is kinda awkward because it's been a long time since they hung out added to the fact that Mina looks gorgeous today.
"Ummmm. Can you describe where we're going?" Mina decided to break the silence.
"Actually, I really don't know where to go... Let's just go wherever you want to go" Nayeon explained.
Mina was surprised
"Here I was thinking that it must be a special place" Mina thought to herself
"Let's just eat something then we'll think along the way" Mina suggested.
"Okay" Nayeon replied.

The duo continued to talk about their recent life, they did not notice the two cars following after them.
"This girl, where will they go?" Tzuyu said "It's hard to be a manager"

 Meanwhile at the other car
"Where will Nayeon unnie bring Mina my love?" A girl asked.
"Ahjussi, please follow that car at all costs, Thank you" The girl told the taxi driver.

Han river
The two ate at a restaurant then went to Han river, They walked side by side as the moon rises.
Nayeon sighed and said "It's been a long time since we hang out together, I really miss our trainee days."
"So, what did you want to talk about?" Mina asked
"What are you saying?" Nayeon replied then looked at Mina.
Mina just gave her a glance
"You got me... You are indeed my bestfriend." Nayeon shook her head
"I actually liked this guy who I worked with once" Nayeon said.
"Okay, what happened next?" Mina tried to maintain a calm and collected expression.
"So he gave me his number but I didn't text him yet." Nayeon said.
" I know this guy?" Mina's voice is stuttering when she asked Nayeon.
"Yes..." Nayeon realized that Mina's acting weird.
"Mina, why are you trembling"
"Who is it?" Mina asked
"It's XXXX" Nayeon replied.
"Umm Nayeonie, I don't feel good I'm going somewhere for a bit" Mina hurriedly said and a tear fell from Mina's eyes then she ran away.
Nayeon didn't see Mina's tear but she knew that something's wrong
"Mina, Wait! Where are you going? What happened?"
Nayeon tried to follow Mina but she got intercepted by a number of people until she lost Mina.

 Few Moments before Mina ran.

"These two! they decided to relax at Han river, What if someone else noticed them without their manager, luckily I followed them" Tzuyu said "Mmm, something's wrong"

A girl looking through a binocular said "Oh, There's Mina unnie, She's really handsome... Wait, something's wrong, why does Mina unnie look sad? She ran! Wait, Mina unnie I'm coming for you~"
The girl followed Mina.. she looks like a pro following her Idol.
Nayeon tried to look for Mina but her efforts were in vain. She can't find Mina at all then she heard a familiar voice

"Nayeon-ssi, I saw Mina ran. What happened?" Tzuyu asked.
"Tzuyu unnie, I was about to contact you, I didn't know you were here... I actually don't know why she ran, I only told her that I liked this guy....oh fudge.. Nevermind forget what i said" Nayeon slipped her tongue
"So that's what it is, Try calling Mina, I will look for her, If Mina ends up getting lost i'm gonna tell your manager about that." Tzuyu looked at Nayeon with her petrifying glance.
"Thank you Unnie" Nayeon hurriedly thanked Tzuyu.

As Mina ran away from Nayeon, a lot of tears fell down from her face, A LOT.
"Why does my heart feels like this, It hurts a lot... It really hurts.."
A camera shutter sound was heard and Mina looked around just to see a small girl around 159cm holding a binocular and a handphone.

"Oh my gosh, It's really you Mina Unnie, I can't believe I'm gonna meet you here! What a coincidence!" The girl said excitedly
"Ummm, Please don't take pictures, I will give you an autograph but please don't take pictures"  Mina replied.
"You look sad unnie, did something happen?" The girl asked
"It's nothing, It's just I remembered a sad story" Mina replied.
"Oh, If it makes you sad unnie, remember that I'm always here for you, I'm your biggest fan even though I'm small" The girl consoled Mina
"You're really my fan right? Will you delete those pictures in exchange, We'll take a photo together when you're unnie looks pretty" Mina said.
"You're always pretty in my eyes unnie... and handsome too" The girl said with a smile.
Mina felt good after talking with her fan, She looked at her phone and saw the missed calls from Nayeon and Tzuyu.
The phone rang again.
"Ummm Mina unnie, you're phone is ringing" The girl said.
"Oh right," Mina answered the phone
"Mina, where are you? what happened?" Nayeon asked. She sounded so worried
"Ummm, my stomach felt bad so I needed to go to the restroom, some fans noticed me so I hid myself, Just wait for me in the car." Mina replied
---Call Ended
Ummm I have to go, thanks for your time it made me feel a lot better, oh wait! the autograph, what was your name?" Mina asked.
"It's Son Chaeyoung, Luckily I brought my album, Please write "Son Chaeyoung will always be with Myoui Mina". " Chaeyoung replied
"Umm I don't have a pen, do you have one?" Mina asked.
"Yes, yes, I'm always ready" Chaeyoung replied.
Chaeyoung handed the album, and then Mina sat on a bench then wrote "Son Chaeyoung will always be with Myoui Mina as Mina will always be with Son Chaeyoung"
When Chaeyoung saw what Mina wrote she almost felt like it was a dream
"Here's your al-" Mina was about to give Chaeyoung's album when suddenly she heard a lot of people coming
"Isn't that Mina?" "WHERE??"
"Where!!" "Kyaaaaaa!!!!"
In a blink of an eye Mina was surrounded by a lot of people, she tried to look for chaeyoung but it seems like Chaeyoung was pushed around by the wave of people.

Mina tried to find her but she really can't because of the crowd and it seems like it's getting bigger.
*click* *click* so many flashes of camera we're seen and may shutter sounds we're heard
When all of a sudden a beautiful woman came and said "Please stop taking pictures, Mina, come. we're going home"
"Wait, Tzuyu unnie a fan's album is-" Mina tried to reply but she met Tzuyu's petrifiying glance then she swallowed her word and followed Tzuyu

After Mina and Tzuyu left, a lot of people followed only a single person remained at the area.
This girl have a cute mole on her beautiful face and she have a pretty short hair and you can see that even though her clothes become mess she still wear a smile in her face
"MISSION SUCCESS!" Chaeyoung smiled then left.